Valve Services

Excel Engineering Services provide a full valve overhaul, repair and testing service from our dedicated workshop, as well as an on-site service.


Excel Engineering Services has developed a portable test container for oxygen service valves that can be transported to any site during planned shutdowns. Used by major specialist gas firms across the UK, the test container also has an office area used to collate the valves on their web based valve management system.

Each valve is pre-tested prior to any overhaul and the results recorded on the valve route card as per customer requirement, the valve is then stripped, inspected then cleaned in the sonic bath before having a further inspection with UV Light then rinsed with ionised water and dried with lint free cloths.

The valves are then re-assembled and set to their operating pressure, and once the test is complete, they are witness-tested again before being plugged for foreign matter exclusion. They are then hermetically sealed into two heavy duty clear bags with silica graduals and tamper proof valve details labels.

The container offers a quick turnover time for oxygen service valves to suit production demands and removes the necessity of valves leaving site; allowing the customer to have more control.

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