Pipework Engineering

JBD Tritec's pipework division offer a full range of industrial pipework solutions to satisfy our customers requirements. This includes site survey, design, fabrication and site installation.

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We carry out welding on all types of material, specialising in stainless steel. Our welders are coded to ASME IX and we have weld procedures for most situations maintained within our quality system.

Codings are regularly updated by Lloyds inspectors. Many of the contracts undertaken have a requirement for 10 % X ray, some demanding 100 %. Many other pipework systems are pressure tested before commissioning. We have an excellent track record with all of these performance tests.

Standards and Industry Types

Food - BS 4825Steam - BS 806
Drinks (spirit & non-spirit) - BS 4825
Petrochemical - ANSI B31.3
Power Generation - ANSI B31.1
Refrigeration - ANSI B31.5


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