Pipework Engineering

JBD Tritec's pipework division offer a full range of industrial pipework solutions to satisfy our customers requirements. This includes site survey, design, fabrication and site installation.


Our pipework division has grown significantly over the past few years and is one of the top three operators in the country.

Pipework imageOur ability to deliver a range of sizes and materials has made us the supplier of choice for many blue chip companies. We are a main and approved supplier to many in the drinks industry. We design, manufacture and install stainless steel and mild steel pipework for spirit, demin water, compressed air, steam, etc, all work carried out to best industry practice.

We are happy to supply fixed prices based on tender documents or also supply labour and material in line with our charging policy.

Standards and Industry Types

Food - BS 4825Steam - BS 806
Drinks (spirit & non-spirit) - BS 4825
Petrochemical - ANSI B31.3
Power Generation - ANSI B31.1
Refrigeration - ANSI B31.5


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