Pump Services

The Pump Division is responsible for the specification and supply of pumps, filtration and UV disinfection equipment and spare parts. 


JBD Tritec are specialists in UV disinfection and specialise in one of the world's leading manufacturers of UV equipment. With the introduction of their new range of UV units (which incorporate axial flow chambers and their unique flow management system), we can offer disinfection solutions for the following applications:

  • Water Disinfection
  • Ozone Destruction
  • TOC Reduction
  • Semi-Conductor
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Rail/Transport Sector

We stock Van Remmen UV units for larger Commercial or Industrial UV disinfection applications. They can be tailored to your particular application with the addition of UV sensors, quartz sleeve wiper systems, over temperature sensors and many other options. Van Remmen UV units are all manufactured from high quality 316L stainless steel. Most are fitted with 'high output' amalgam UV lamps, giving long life (upto 16000 hours), low running costs and efficient operation, whilst being easy to maintain.

JBD Tritec are specialist suppliers of a wide range of replacement UV lamps, quartz sleeves & o-rings. Our parts are always of equal quality (if not better) than the OEM parts that they replace, whilst saving you money. We supply UV spares for:

  • Van Remmen
  • Aquafine
  • Hanovia
  • Wedeco
  • Aquada
  • UV Systems
  • Trojan
  • Willand

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Please contact Mr. David Young on telephone number 07879 484188 or e-mail on davidyoung@jbdtritec.co.uk.

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