Pipework Engineering

JBD Tritec's pipework division offer a full range of industrial pipework solutions to satisfy our customers requirements. This includes site survey, design, fabrication and site installation.


We are specialists in the Industrial Refrigeration market and this sector of our business activities has grown steadily over the past few years and we now count companies such as Star Refrigeration, J&E Hall and JCI as some of our key clients.

We are fully conversant with the industry standards relating to the installation of NH3, CO2 through to secondary refrigerant systems. Our recent projects include; 

•CO2 system for major Food Producer based in Northern Ireland

•NH3 system for Fish Processors throughout the North East of Scotland

•Ammonia/ Glycol system for one of the UK’s largest Meat processors

We are able to undertake a full range of services, which include;

  • Pipework Installation in Carbon and Stainless Steel
  • Offloading & postitioning of equipment including coolers, condensers, compressor packs etc

In addition we will fabricate and install;

•Pipework support systems

•Cooler support steelwork

•Condensate drains

•Valve stations

 Due to our culture of flexibility and the range of services we are able to offer, we are always able to cover the standard day to day service works in addition to the large, project type works .

Standards and Industry Types

Food - BS 4825Steam - BS 806
Drinks (spirit & non-spirit) - BS 4825
Petrochemical - ANSI B31.3
Power Generation - ANSI B31.1
Refrigeration - ANSI B31.5


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