Mechanical Engineering

Plant installation, modification, maintenance and removal are our core specialist services. We provide teams of skilled engineers to offload, ingress, position and fully install equipment to customer's requirements.


We arrange planned maintenance programmes to minimise the risk of equipment suffering any inconvenient breakdowns; this can be organised for weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual visits.

We offer a site survey service to catalogue all rotating equipment, and then our service engineers would assist with compiling preventative maintenance records, together with carrying out the necessary checks/surveys. These would include actual measurements for temperature and vibration, the results would be used to identify the onset of potential problems.

The idea of this service is to highlight potential trends or issues with rotating machinery, and to attend to them before they cause any issues with the manufacturing process.

All areas of plant can be included; our service is tailored to suit client's requirements, and repairs could be carried out of hours if necessary.

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